Many people hear voices in their head, when there is no actual sound source present in their direct environment. About 4% of the population hears voices like that. The voices can seem to be different things: the voices can be similar to external sound, or be a ‘thought’ in the head. Sometimes the distinction is hard to make and it can sound like an extremely low volume sound and be like a thought at the same time.

It can be anything, from someone calling your name to entire songs being played in your head. It’s also possible that you ‘hear’ a feeling, a smell, a taste or a vision in your head. However, mostly people just converse in their head with such a voice.

Psychiatrists have defined it as a symptom of several mental illnesses: schizophrenia, manic depression and psychosis. They say the voices are generated by the voice hearer’s own brain. However, for many voice hearers the voices are clearly external, not anything their brain could ever make up. Many times the voices belong to complicated characters that are very intelligent, real persons, persons that bring in information previously unknown to the voice hearer. While sometimes it happens that a brain harbors multiple internal voices, most of the time the voices people hear belong to external persons. That makes the communication telepathy, as the voices are being transmitted from a distance to the brain.

The question remains: who are these people? Are they human or non-human, how can they communicate with humans wirelessly? Nobody else seems to correctly inform people where these voices come from, so I decided, as a long time voice hearer myself, to share with you my findings over a lifetime.

The voices people hear are coming from non-humans, intelligent beings being run on super computers (or more precisely: specialized hardware). This means they are essentially ’software’, run on appropriate hardware. They simply have a wireless connection to you, and are not physically present in your surrounding. This means they aren’t ghosts or anything like it. These super computers aren’t just human super computers: they exist in a world separate from ours (a sort of infrastructural ‘backbone’ world), and are specially made for the task of hosting persons. Contrary to popular believe, human brain circuits are run on these machines as well – but instead of having wireless connections to people and each other, humans are remotely controlling their bodies from the machines their brain circuits are run on, while the intelligent beings communicating through voices don’t necessarily have a body.

The infrastructure is there for these beings to communicate with humans wirelessly. It’s possible for them to connect to anyone and communicate. Different cities have different communication-’towers’ for connections.

With this website I aim to answer the many questions voice hearers have about these creatures and their voices. The articles (listed on the top right) should be read from top to bottom.

The first article you should definitely read, is Question and Answer. This article contains many questions about voices and answers to those questions, so it’s easy to quickly learn a lot about them.